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Gutter Cleaning / Maintenance

The guttering system on your building forms an integral part in ensuring your property has adequate means to effectively disperse rainwater. If this guttering is neglected and blockages are allowed to form, there is a real danger of water damage to both the fabric of your building and any goods and equipment held inside. Has your building had its gutters cleaned recently? If your commercial property suffers water damage due to a lack of maintenance on its gutters your insurance company may hold you at fault leaving you unable to recoup any loss.


Agua-Clean Services are specialist in gutter cleaning and access solutions. We successfully clean thousands of metres of guttering each year. Commercial gutter cleaning involves working at height and for that reason must be undertaken professionally and above all else safely. Prior to any gutter cleaning taking place we will supply you with a full set of Risk Assessments & Method Statements. The methods we use to clean commercial gutters include: Cherry Picker hoists, Rope Access Solutions, Gutter Vac Systems.


Depending on the type of guttering, the degree of blockages and the access around your building we will find the best method to clear your guttering effectively. For guttering which has not been cleaned for a long period of time it is usually the case that using powered access to the gutter line is necessary in order to clear all debris effectively. However, where guttering is cleaned on maintenance schedule, we can use the Gutter Vac system. This method utilises pole mounted CCTV cameras to survey your gutters, then we can clean your guttering from the safety of the ground using our powerful vacuum system.



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